Everyone who is even a little bit interested in workflow products has probably heard of iDeals. This virtual platform is considered one of the best in today’s business software market. According to customers and experts, it combines everything you need for collaboration and transactions. But we offer to learn not only about the basics, but also about the unconventional advantages of Ideals data room.

What is the iDeals virtual room good for?

According to the majority of clients, this virtual platform is the best way to organize the workflow for companies specializing in real estate transactions. But don’t limit this virtual platform to one area of business activities – its tools are universal and flexible enough to be useful for companies in other industries as well.

The options of iDeals can be used in a traditional way, in particular for the following purposes:

  • Creating a file repository with a convenient and clear search system;
  • Working with documents at all stages of the transaction;
  • Checking due diligence for business security;
  • Protection of confidential data and data with restricted access.

We will not focus on how you can use iDeals to organize your work – you can do it yourself by contacting the provider. We would like to talk about how you can use iDeals in a non-traditional way.

Unusual ways of using data room M&A

The iDeals virtual data room control panel has many useful options that can be used both for organizing work and for unconventional activities. For example, virtual data rooms can also be used for the following purposes:

  1. Searching for new employees. Analyzing the list of business contacts given access to the data room can also be used to find suitable candidates in the company.
  2. Employee onboarding. The iDeals toolbar also allows you to create a kind of a support center, where you will find answers to the most popular questions, from the peculiarities of workflow to the subtleties of making a deal.
  3. Organize informal communication. Virtual Data Room tools can be used for organizing small working chats, where group members can discuss business questions in a more relaxed way. At the same time, the number of participants according to their interests can be adjusted independently by appointing a chat administrator.

Thus, you can get much more than the developers of the virtual data room offer. iDeals makes it possible to:

  • Introduce new corporate values;
  • Create a less formal atmosphere in the team without losing their qualifications and professionalism;
  • Track the work process not only by the main indicators but also by the mood of the company employees.

With the help of iDeals tools you will be able not only to organize a thoughtful workflow, but also communicate with your employees, customers and business partners at all stages of the transaction with consistently high qualifications.